Exclusive: Freemasons Hall Tour

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Exclusive: Freemasons Hall Tour


Date of Tour: 24 November 2018

What is Freemasonry 

A special introduction by one of Singapore’s Masonic Historians, tour attendees will learn about the World’s Oldest Fraternal Organization and gain insight into its history, and how it survives in modern times. 

Freemasonry in Singapore 

A brief discussion on how Freemasonry came to Singapore’s shores, and its contributions to Singapore’s rich history.  

Masonic Music/Composers 

Freemason’s Hall operates one of the last operating pipe organs in Singapore. Even rarer are the talents to operate such a special instrument. Tour Attendees will be treated to a special masonic musical demonstration and discussion on the relationship between music and Freemasonry. 

Masonic Conspiracy Theories 

Forget about those novels and TV shows, come hear it from our members! Learn about our conspiracies and find out about which of our rumours are real!   

The Charge

A demonstration of a Masonic Ritual. A very rare opportunity to watch a special process usually carried out behind closed doors!  

Q&A after presentation  

Your rare opportunity to ask any questions about Freemasonry. Always wondered about our regalia? What we discuss about in our meetings? Now’s your chance to illuminate yourself!  

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