Picnic & Fireworks Viewing - The Float @ Marina Bay Art Market

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Picnic & Fireworks Viewing - The Float @ Marina Bay Art Market

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The Float @ Marina Bay will be transformed into one of the main activity hubs for Marina Bay Countdown Singapore 2018 – Picnic & Fireworks Viewing @ The Float, where the seating gallery and floating platform will be opened to provide a front- row fireworks viewing experience on New Year’s Eve. In the lead-up to midnight, this hub will serve as free and easy areas for the community to get together or opt for a picnic experience with loved ones on the floating platform to enjoy the fireworks show.

The Countdown Market here at the Float @ Marina Bay will also be staged right on the F1 tracks, to offer an unparalleled experience of shopping and eating, alongside a view of the Marina Bay skyline.



-  Front-row view of hourly visual displays of fireworks through the night

-  First time massive picnic area on the Floating Platform for Marina Bay Countdown 

-  Artisanal Countdown Marketplace of F&B and retail offerings



The Local People owns the official trademark - Art Market™ in Singapore.

If you're a first-time event vendor, this event is perfect for local Singaporean designers, artists, food and beverage entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Gain a chance to test the market, gain consumer insight and sift out your competition. 




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Please read all guidelines before purchasing a booth:

  1. Please include your Instagram handle in your billing address name - E.g @thelocalpeoplesg
  2. All booths are sheltered with one power point provided.
  3. All booths are non-refundable 
  4. Only Singaporean made or designed Items are permitted for sale
  5. Please keep your area clean and dispose your rubbish in the allocated bins
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  7. Rain Or Shine Event
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Art Booths:

  • Art booths are booths for vendors selling artwork such as painting, canvas pieces, prints and installations
  • One 3ft by 3ft Table and 2 Chairs
  • 1 brand to one booth, no sharing of booths allowed

Retail Booths:

  • Example of retail booths are: jewellery, crafts, leather goods and other physically inedible objects
  • One 3ft by 3ft Table and 2 Chairs
  • 1 brand to one booth, no sharing of booths allowed

Corporate Booths:

    • > 15 Salaried Staff
    • Enquiries email: pingoh@thelocalpeoplesg.com before purchasing
    • One 3ft by 3ft Table and 2 Chairs
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