our story


The Local People started in 2014 with four restless young 'uns who were wondering why there wasn't any one platform for Singaporeans to sell/share their goods. They first set up an e-store, with the impression that it'd be a more doable task given the close-to-none overheads. Then in May the same year, they were offered a space (Hoot Kiam Road alley) to use. They decided to pull together some of their friends and their friends' friends for a one-night-only art market. Despite their reservations and the bad weather, the turn out exceeded all expectations and through word of mouth recommendations, got their next gig.


Now close to three years and numerous art markets later, The Local People have found their niche as an advocate for Singaporean arts culture. And perhaps in trying to answer the incessant question of what exactly does local art culture consist of, help build living proof in the form of a close-knit community.